My research focuses on modern and contemporary poetry, poetics and experimental literature from across the world and is informed by literary and critical theory, stylistics and philosophy.


My PhD, which was completed in 2011 at the University of Sussex, was entitled, ‘Veronica Forrest-Thomson, Poetic Artifice and the Struggle with Forms’. I am currently completing on a monograph based on this thesis. I am involved in a number of projects related to Forrest-Thomson’s work and have recently edited her Poetic Artifice: A Theory of Twentieth-Century Poetry with Shearsman. I am the Senior Academic Consultant to the Forrest-Thomson Archive at Girton College Library, Cambridge. I welcome any questions about Forrest-Thomson's work. 

For more information about my professional profile and publications, please visit my university page here.

Select videos of my lectures, poetry readings and 'teaching vignettes' can be found on my youtube channel. For example: