New Reading! Me reading from my sequence, 'Strategic Forms' at the Cardiff Poetry Experiment, 28th June, 2016. Thanks to Josh Robinson & Calum Gardner for inviting me.

from 'Strategic Forms' - Gareth Farmer
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Here is a video of me and others reading at

the University of Bedfordshire, Bedford on 8th March, 2013.

'Pornography Objects, by Mademoiselle de Maupin'

'Poser Pine's Artificial Garden'​

"'Insensible vistas over coarse grass grazed"

'Rise to Order'

'Ekaterina's Sad Pleas'

'I Know Why the Frayed Word Twinges'.​

'Pathology of Laterality'

'Quaint Restraint'

New poem, 'Candour and the Lucid G0-To' i.m. M.T. in this anthology: